Gerald Clark

Gerald Clark

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First Name * Gerald
Last Name * Clark
Username * LordHades
Country * Canada
City Kelowna
Nationality Canadian
Languages English



Availability: student


I graduated from the Vancouver Film School in 1997 as a 3d animator and digital effects graduate, learning such programs as A/W's Power Animator and Softimage v.3.5. I had also immersed myself in life drawing, 3d sculpting, and 2d animation. I was shown the whole process of production from idea to post-production and the many tools used to streamline the process. I then returned to study the then new Maya program which was the usurper of Aliases Power Animator. I was blown away by the new tool and quickly fell in love. It was as easy to use as softimage at the time and was twice as powerful. It was after I graduated from this program that I had come to a crossroads in my life. As much as I loved my art, I fell in love with a newly discovered city which had no industry for CG. I chose the city of Kelowna BC, Canada in hopes one day there will be a viable film industry as it is one of the quickest growing cities in Canada. Since then, 3d animating and modelling had been nothing more than a hobby. Now that the city is grown to the point where it may be possible to make a living here, I am willing to turn this hobby into a business and fill a niche which is beginning to open up! I'll add my work as it progresses.